How Facial Rejuvenation Can Increase Your Confidence

Do you feel self-conscious about your smile or face? A number of factors—ranging from tooth loss to aging—can impact how youthful you look and feel. Thankfully, the cosmetic dentistry team at Arvada Dental Center can help. Our facial rejuvenation services will have you looking healthier and feeling better than you have in years! Every rejuvenation… Read More »

Struggling with Dental Anxiety or Dental Phobia?

Do you ever feel nervous or scared of the dentist, but need treatment? If so, rest assured you’re not alone. There are several different reasons why people are afraid to go to the dentist. Such as: Past experiences in other dental offices Extremely sensitive teeth Embarrassment Sensitive gag reflexes Concerns over complex dental needs Fears… Read More »

Can I go to the dentist without dental insurance?

While routine visits to the dentist are recommended to patients to keep their smile healthy and functional, many patients who do not have dental insurance may find themselves avoiding the dental office due to the perceived cost of services. Fortunately, many dentists, including Drs. Gregory Bennett, Kelly Arnold, and Andrew Timmerman of Arvada Dental Center… Read More »

Ten Tips for a Beautiful, Healthy Smile

At Arvada Dental Center, Drs. Gregory Bennett, Kelly Arnold, and Andrew Timmerman believe that a beautiful smile isn’t the only goal for patients. It should also be a healthy smile. There are many ways in which patients of the Arvada, CO area can keep their teeth, gums, and bone healthy with the help of our… Read More »

6 Reasons Why your Gums are Bleeding

Drs. Gregory Bennet, Kelly Arnold, and Andrew Timmerman are dentists in Arvada, Colorado who provide general dentistry services to patients in and around the community. They see patients with unique dental problems every day, but a common issue that often goes overlooked is that of bleeding gums. We see patients who ask what to do… Read More »

How do I Know if I have a Cavity?

We have all heard about the problems associated with cavities, but what exactly are they? What causes cavities, and how do you know if you have one? Drs. Gregory Bennett, Kelly Arnold, and Andrew Timmerman of Arvada Dental Center work routinely with patients of the Arvada, CO community to help them maintain healthy smiles and… Read More »

Several Things to Know About Invisalign Orthodontics

Patients unhappy with the alignment of their smile may have avoided having a conversation about fixing the teeth. They may be turned off by the idea of realigning the smile with metal brackets and wires covering the teeth for many months, sometimes years. However, patients of the Arvada, CA area who are interested in realigning… Read More »

How do I get rid of dental caries?

Everyone knows that it is essential to brush and floss their teeth to keep their smiles healthy. But what is a healthy smile? A healthy smile is best described as a smile free from periodontal disease and tooth decay. At Arvada Dental Center in Arvada, CO, we can educate you with the knowledge you need… Read More »

How does the Waterlase device work?

Finding a dentist in Arvada, Colorado is easy, but finding one that makes the most out of today’s advanced dental technologies is a little harder! The team at Arvada Dental is pleased to utilize modern modalities to help diagnose and treat certain dental conditions. Individuals interested in a dental visit that doesn’t include the unpleasant… Read More »

What is a digital impression?

Digital dental impressions, which might also be referred to as 3D intraoral scanning, is a technology that allows dentists in Arvada to make accurate and precision restorations such as dental crowns, dental veneers, inlays, and onlays. With CEREC same-day dental crowns, patients can repair a tooth in a single visit, instead of waiting weeks for… Read More »

Why The Patients at Arvada Dental Center Love Our iTero Element Digital Scanner

Drs. Gregory Bennet, Kelly Arnold, and Andrew Timmerman of Arvada Dental Center understand that realigning the smile and closing up gaps is of high priority for those with an imperfect smile. With the use of today’s digital technology, patients can now achieve a more attractive smile without the need for metal brackets and wires associated… Read More »

Time to Unmask a Beautiful New Smile? Here’s How Cosmetic Dentistry Can Help

If you are looking to book an appointment with the best dentist in Arvada, CO that provides a wide range of cosmetic dentistry solutions, look no further than the team at Arvada Dental Center! Drs. Gregory Bennett, Kelly Arnold, and Andrew S. Timmerman are available to assist with various imperfections that can negatively impact the… Read More »