4 Important Lessons From Children’s Dental Health Month

Every February, we take time to observe National Children’s Dental Health Month. Dental health is important to each and every one of us, but it’s especially critical for children. If children can create strong, effective oral care habits from a young age, they are far less likely to suffer the pain of tooth loss and decay… Read More »

The Best and Worst Types of Dental Fillings

You brush and floss each day to prevent cavities, but sometimes teeth suffer decay anyway. Fortunately, cavities are easy to treat. Dental fillings are used to restore the structure of teeth damaged by decay.  However, not all dental fillings are alike! They are made with different materials, some of which are better for your mouth… Read More »

5 Great Tips to Control Your Dental Anxiety

If the idea of visiting your dentist for a six-month check-up fills you with an intense sense of stress and worry, you may be among the 15% of people suffering from ongoing dental anxiety.  You know your regular dentist visits are important for your oral health, but the intense force of fear and anxiety override… Read More »

All-on-4 Implant : Everything You Need to Know

You wouldn’t ask a mechanic to cut your hair, and you wouldn’t ask an accountant to treat your broken arm, so why would you ask an uncertified dentist to reconstruct your mouth with All-on-4 Implants? Total mouth reconstruction is a major undertaking. The dentist who replaces your lost teeth and restores the function of your… Read More »

Five Reasons for a Tooth Extraction

  Tooth extractions are never pleasant but are sometimes necessary in order to maintain the integrity of your jaw. At Arvada Dental Center, we never extract unless it is absolutely required. If it’s your permanent tooth, then saving the tooth is our first priority and, when that can’t be realized, a tooth extraction may be… Read More »

Fear of the Dentist?Here’s Why Sedation Dentistry May Be Right for You

  Going to the dentist is a fear for many people of all ages — not just children! Whether your distress was caused by a bad experience years ago or simply an unreasoning fear that simply can’t be explained, sedation dentistry may be the solution that allows you to get the care you need without… Read More »

Laser Dentistry – What is it and is it the Right Choice for You?

  Technology is constantly changing the world of dentistry for the better. One way that is happening is through the rise of laser dentistry. This new technology is allowing dentists to use far less invasive procedures to address common dental problems, creating fewer risks, less discomfort, and greater accuracy, and improved patient satisfaction in the… Read More »

Ways to Lower Your Risk of Dry Socket After Wisdom Teeth Removal

  Having wisdom teeth removed is a common dental procedure that is usually safe. However, you can develop a condition called a dry socket after this surgery if you’re not careful. A dry socket can cause you to experience considerable pain and discomfort. Learn more about why this can happen and how you can lower… Read More »

Are Dentures Right for You? Here’s What You Need to Know

Dentures are removable dental devices that can replace a few missing teeth or an entire arch. They work to help maintain normal functionality of your teeth while enhancing the appearance of your smile. Whether you are considering full or partial dentures, the better you understand the process, the more informed decisions you can make about… Read More »

The Benefits of Dental Implants

  Losing one or more teeth, either due to injuries or extractions can have adverse effects on your health and the confidence of your smile. Besides, this may have a huge impact on your ability to eat and speak normally. In the past, bridges that were attached to the adjacent teeth and dentures were the… Read More »

Causes of Teeth Sensitivity and Ways to Reduce This Pain

When you have teeth sensitivity, eating and drinking certain foods and beverages can be unpleasant. Hot, cold, spicy and acidic foods and beverages can cause sudden pain when you consume them. You might also experience pain and discomfort when your teeth are exposed to cold air. Whether it’s mild or severe, this sensitivity can affect… Read More »

Tips for Making Sure Your Kids Have Healthy Teeth

Having healthy teeth can help ensure that your kids are able to eat and speak without trouble. Keeping their teeth in good condition also means they’ll have a lower risk of developing cavities and other dental problems. How can you make sure that your kids are healthy? Keep the following dental care tips in mind…. Read More »