Hybridge is an innovative full-arch tooth replacement technique, giving patients the look and feel of natural teeth. Beyond that, Hybridge shortens the amount of time from start to finish over other implant methods and offers patients a permanent solution at a competitive price point. After completing multiple rigorous training courses where he learned the Hybridge clinical process, Dr. Gregory Bennett is a Hybridge Certified Dentist.

Why Hybridge®?

Hybridge Dental Implants function just like a full set of dentures without the worry of the teeth slipping and sliding, allowing regular and comfortable oral functionality and care. The Hybridge solution is a cost-effective approach to replacing a full-arch since the restoration can be supported by only 5-6 implants, versus other traditional methods requiring an implant on each individual tooth. Also, unlike other methods, Hybridge offers a permanent solution by attaching to the implant rather than the gums or natural teeth. This means the Hybridge implant will never slip or slide when eating or speaking.

What is the Hybridge® process like?

The process consists of two stages. The first stage involves removing all remaining teeth for full-arch restoration, and then allowing the jaw to heal for 11 weeks. Once the jaw has healed, the dental implants are surgically implanted. During this stage of the treatment process, temporary and comfortable tooth replacements are placed, so the patient is never without teeth. Once healed, a computer-generated surgical guide is made, which allows Dr. Bennett to plan the best locations for implants in a precise manner. With extreme accuracy, the dental implants are surgically placed using a minimally invasive technique. Once inserted, the Hybridge Laboratory creates a single restoration that not only replaces the teeth but the gum line as well. A full-arch treatment can be finalized within 5-weeks of implant placement. From start to finish, a full-arch restoration can be completed in 16-weeks, significantly shorter than conventional methods.

What is the cost?

There are many variables that go into determining the cost for Hybridge treatment, such as: number of teeth remaining, available bone, etc. Dr. Bennett will be able to provide an accurate cost estimate after your initial consultation.

How long do Hybridge® implants last?

How long Hybridge implants last is dependent on individual wear and tear. For most people, maintaining implants requires minimal effort beyond regular and routine care for natural teeth. Habits such as tooth grinding, clenching and chewing hard objects (candy, ice, etc.) may lead to higher maintenance costs. If the materials become worn or damaged, they can be replaced for less than the cost of conventional crowns.

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