Dental Implant Bridge Solutions

Tired of endless tooth restoration and repair procedures—single dental implants, root canals, and crowns?  Have spent your life battling periodontal disease or poor dental health?

Perhaps you are tired of struggling with your dentures? You are frustrated with unstable dentures that don’t allow you to eat a balanced diet or move as you speak? You just want to enjoy life again.

Full arch restorations, also known as full arch reconstructions, with Hybridge Dental Implants could be the answer you are looking for.  A full arch restoration is the replacement of all the teeth in either the top arch or bottom arch of a person’s mouth.  When considering a lower jaw or an upper jaw full arch dental implant bridge, or maybe even full arch full-mouth restoration, proceed confidently with Dr. Gregory Bennett at Arvada Dental Center.  As a member of the Hybridge network of leaders in the field of implant dentistry, his training and experience allows him to offer solutions to complex dental problems.

Every Hybridge solution includes a finely crafted prosthetic restoration supported by permanent titanium dental implants. These dental implants provide the necessary stimulation for bone growth and health. By attaching permanently to the implants instead of the gums or natural teeth, Hybridge’s full arch dental implant solutions eliminate the many problems associated with conventional treatments. During the Hybridge dental implant treatment process, patients receive temporary, comfortable tooth replacements to ensure that they never go without teeth. Because everyone is different, during the initial consultation the following restoration options are discussed.

Upper Arch Restoration

Hybridge upper arch restoration replaces all the teeth along the upper part of the mouth.

Hybridge Dental Implants Arvada, CO

The upper arch restoration process involves these steps:

1. Extraction of any remaining upper teeth
2. Jaw healing for 10-11 weeks
3. Six dental implants inserted into upper gum tissue and jawbone

The advanced technology used in the Hybridge process ensures that all dental implants are placed with
extreme accuracy through minimally invasive techniques. Within five weeks of implant placement, a full
upper arch is created and placed to mimic the exact feel, function, and appearance of your natural,
healthy gum line and teeth. Overall, this total upper treatment can be finished over a 16-week period.


Hybridge Dental Implants near Denver, CO

Lower Arch Restoration

Hybridge lower arch restoration transforms the bottom half of the mouth. This is a simpler
procedure that can be performed in one surgical phase instead of two. Several implants
are placed to support the jawbone and hold your Hybridge device in place permanently.


Full Mouth Restoration

Hybridge Full Arch Restorations

Hybridge is a full arch solution that is dependable, long-lasting, and affordable. It is a lasting solution for people
who need full mouth reconstruction because of dental disease, accidents, or a congenital condition. While it’s
possible to receive an upper or lower reconstruction separately, it’s often easiest and most effective to undergo
full mouth restoration in one procedure.

There are many advantages to reconstruction of the entire mouth at the same time:

• Fewer appointments

• Lower cost of treatment

• Enhanced aesthetics and tooth positioning