What is Hybridge?

When a patient receives a Hybridge full-arch restoration, they are TRANSFORMED.
They are forever changed, more confident in every situation, personal and professional. They benefit from a better appearance and regain a quality of life they have missed out on for a long time.

The Hybridge Dental Implant restorations offer a simplified lasting solution for those in need
of a full mouth reconstruction due to dental disease, congenital condition, or accident.

Hybridge offers a unique process that seamlessly blends professional care with advanced
technology and exceptional artistry to restore comfort and full dental function. Hybridge Dental
Implant solutions are offered by a nationwide network of leaders in the field of implant dentistry.
Dr. Gregory Bennett is proud to be a member of this elite group of practitioners, and now offers
Hybridge Dental Implants as a solution for patients in the Arvada, Westminster, Wheat Ridge,
Golden, Lakewood, Broomfield and the city of Denver.


How does Hybridge differ from a regular dental implant?

Hybridge is considered more of a prosthetic restoration than a dental implant. With a conventional
implant, the final treatment consists of a porcelain crown or bridge secured on top of a titanium
post that has fully fused to the jawbone. While this can be a successful treatment if you’re
missing one or a few teeth, it’s not usually meant to cover a full arch of teeth.

With Hybridge the final product is a cross-linked polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) and chrome
cobalt bridge. With the support of just five or six dental implants, Hybridge can replace up to 12
teeth in one arch!

These dental implants provide the necessary stimulation for bone growth and health. By attaching
permanently to the implants instead of the gums or natural teeth, Hybridge’s full arch dental
implant solution eliminates many problems experienced with conventional treatments.


How long does the process take?

Another distinguishing feature is the timeline of a Hybridge implant. While placing conventional dental implants can take up to 18 months or longer to complete, most patients
experience a much quicker process with a Hybridge Dental Implant solution. From the first surgical procedure until the Hybridge restoration is successfully inserted, the entire process can last two to 16 weeks, depending on the patient.

A few different factors will affect a patient’s overall treatment time.

These include:

• The number of teeth you have at the start of treatment
• Any requirements for bone grafting
• Upper versus lower restoration
• The presence of any dental infections at the start of treatment

During the initial consultation, Dr. Gregory Bennett and the team at Arvada Dental Center, will provide an accurate assessment of the anticipated duration of treatment.


How much do these dental implants cost?

Put simply, there isn’t a universal cost for a Hybridge dental restoration. The patient’s dental condition, including the number of remaining teeth and the amount of bone available, will determine the extent and the price of treatment provided.  Many patients find that the reduced treatment timeline of Hybridge compared to other conventional treatments, reduces the overall cost of treatment.  Less office visits and days away from work also play into the cost consideration.

During the initial consultation with Dr. Gregory Bennett, the variables specific to each patient are discussed so that the patient can plan and prepare.


Common Hybridge FAQs

  • Can All Dentists Offer Hybridge Dental Implants?

Dentists can only offer Hybridge implants if they have been officially trained and certified through Hybridge LLC. Since the Hybridge protocol is uniquely efficient and successful, it’s essential to select a Hybridge Certified Dentist like Dr. Gregory Bennett of Arvada Dental Center.

Dr. Bennett has successfully completed the rigorous training courses and is proud to offer Hybridge Dental Implants and advanced full arch restorations to patients throughout Arvada, Westminster, the city of Denver and surrounding communities.

  • Do I Have Enough Jawbone for Hybridge Dental Implants?

Since the Hybridge system rests on titanium or zirconium implants inserted into the jawbone, it’s important to confirm that the patients has enough jawbone left for adequate support. Many patients are surprised to learn they have enough jawbone to accommodate the Hybridge system, even after being told they’re not eligible for traditional dental implants.

If a patient has suffered extreme bone loss, Dr. Gregory Bennett may recommend bone grafting to improve the bone content and density before undergoing the dental implant process. Bone grafting uses mineralized bone to heal and strengthen the jawbone structure.

  • How Long Will My New Teeth Last?

Hybridge restorations are fabricated to be durable and long-lasting. The bridge itself is created from a chrome cobalt metal and covered by cross-linked PMMA pink acrylic to mimic natural teeth and gum tissue. Though these materials are not entirely invincible, they’re very durable and Hybridge patients can expect to experience minimal wear and tear over the years.

With regular cleanings and maintenance, and by following recommendations of a Hybridge-certified dentist, the Hybridge restoration is designed for optimal longevity. Due to advanced technology and durable materials utilized in designing a Hybridge Dental Implant restoration, any maintenance needed should be minimally inconvenient to the patient. The success rate for Hybridge Dental Implant restorations is greater than 95%.