TeethXpress Same Day Dental Implants

Secure, Natural Looking Teeth in as Little as ONE DAY!

Restore your appearance, self-esteem, comfort and improve your speech and
nutrition in as little as one day with TeethXpress Dental Implants!

Many who wear fixed bridges, removable partial dentures, or conventional dentures
struggle with the way they look and function. With TeethXpress Dental Implants
patients benefit from a much better solution.

TeethXpress secures the new teeth in place using dental implants, on the upper
and/or lower jaw, so the teeth never move or shift when smiling, talking or eating.
Patients can eat their favorite foods again and go about daily life confidently
with an attractive, natural-looking smile.




As a certified TeethXpress provider, Dr. Gregory Bennett
can help determine if the TeethXpress procedure
is the solution for your new smile.




The TeethXpress Dental Implant Advantage

Certified Provider TeethXpress

Patients who choose TeethXpress are usually missing some or all their teeth and desire a fast solution to improve their
smiles and the capability to enjoy a large variety of food choices without difficulty chewing. TeethXpress procedures
can provide patients with a full set of dental implants in a single day. Patients find TeethXpress procedures easy to
tolerate, usually managing any post-operative discomfort with over-the-counter pain relievers such as ibuprofen.

    • • Dental Implants that delivers natural-looking teeth that feel and function like your own


    • • Cost-Effective Treatment


    • • One of the fastest procedures available for full-mouth dental implants


    • • Fixed teeth in a single visit


    • • The procedure is well-tolerated and of a short duration


    • • May eliminate the need for invasive bone grafting


    • Highly hygienic, easy to maintain and clean


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