Arvada Dental Center is proud to have incorporated into our practice the latest technology in tooth restoration.

This equipment utilizes advanced CEREC technology to make quality, long-lasting dental crowns in a single office visit! Dental crowns are used to restore the functional and structural integrity of your damaged tooth, reducing your risk of discomfort or infection.

The CEREC same-day crown process begins by cleaning and preparing the damaged tooth. Instead of the traditional method of taking an impression, we will use a medical-grade camera to take a detailed digital picture of your tooth. This will then be uploaded into our Computer Aided Design (CAD) program, which will convert the image into a 3-D model of the prepped tooth.

Dr. Bennett, Dr. Roberts, or Dr. Arnold will then use this model tooth to design a customized digital restoration. Using Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM), the data from the restoration design is sent to a 3-D milling machine. Crowns can typically be created in less than 15 minutes. The crown will be composed of white ceramic that is of a similar shade to your natural teeth. Once ready, the crown can be easily and properly fit and cemented in place. This process takes just a few minutes.

This method can be used to design any single tooth restoration, including crowns, onlays (partial crowns), inlays (fillings) and porcelain veneers. The majority of CEREC tooth restorations can be completed in just one office visit – a drastic change from traditional crowns, which can take weeks to place due to the crowns having to be milled in an off-site laboratory. Additionally, CEREC crowns are more customized and more resistant to complications. Click Descriptive for more information on the CEREC procedure with images.

Visit your CEREC Dentist in Arvada or call us at (303) 421 – 7611 if you think CEREC same-day crowns are right for you.